Thursday 23 March 2017

Pergamon Preview with Jamie

In just a couple of short weeks Insider is premiering a brand new public tour. The guides have been busy doing research in Berlin and Turkey, and have already hosted a student group on a Pergamon Museum tour. Enjoy a sneak peak of what Jamie's Pergamon tour looks like. Jamie, a professional archaeologist and part-time lecturer at Berlin’s Humboldt University, has been excavating the city’s past for more than a decade and is thrilled to introduce Insider guests to this exceptional collection of artifacts and architectural structures.

Pergamon ruins, photographed during Insider guides' research trip to Turkey
Introducing the history of the collections in the museums of Museum Island

A basalt basin for cultic purification from Assyrian Assur, and an explanation of why the Hanging Gardens of Babylon may not have been in Babylon!

Interpreting the building inscription of Nebuchadnezzar II next to the Ishtar Gate.
Explaining the purposes of the Market Gate of Miletus

Columns from Baalbek and the question of why the temple of Jupiter Heliopolitanus was the biggest in the Roman world
 Contrasting iconography in the Orpheus Mosaic.

Describing the journey made by the pink granite columns of Baalbek from Aswan to Lebanon and finally to Berlin.
Showing images of the bombastic Roman temple precinct at Baalbek

Revealing the synthesis of craftsman's skills required in the making of the mihrab from the Bey Hakim Mosque, Konya, Turkey

Last stop, next to an astrolabe, a product of the Islamic Golden Age
Have we perked your interest? Reserve a ticket to experience this tour for yourself! 

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