Tuesday 14 March 2023

Humboldt Forum – A Lesson in Contradictions, Conflict and Compromise. Insider’s Educational Nr. 3 in 2023

Access to the rooftop is (still) free and easy to organise (book at reception), even last minute. You get a fabulous view over Berlin. From here you can really see how the modern city radiates outwards from this point. There is a rooftop restaurant/café, an excellent place to mark sundown.
Hofgespräche. With our Insider guide extraordinaire, Tarek Ibrahim, we discuss the vision for the Humboldt Forum. The past is fairly clear but the present, not so sure. Is it a musuem, a site for culture and science exchange and debate, Prussian nostalgia, Imperial prunck, historical revisionism, a modern palace of wonders, take your pick, or all of the above. The debate continues.
Room with a view. Get a look at the ruins of the bombed out cellars of the original Hohenzollern Palace.
19th century hot water pump from the cellar palace - the latest technology back in the day.
Massive dual purpose art and information display in the grand foyer, it should really be one or the other.
Changing dome images of celestial formations, traditional and religuous design, dieties and iconoghraphy from different cultures worldwide.
Praying For Myriad Virtues: Ding Guanpeng’s “The Buddha Preaching”, from 1770, Quing dynasty.
Under Japanese Roof. Although the vision and theme of the Humboldt Forum remains elusive, the building excites and the exhibitions therein excel. The range is diverse – Berlin 90s, Hohenzollern palace culture, Ethnological Museum, debate space for culture and science, Museum of Asian Art, architectual features, restoration and replacement, visiting exhibitions, live performances, an ice cream parlour, it has it all. It can be overwhelming. It will keep changing. Our advice would be to plan your visit – chose what you want to see, and enjoy Berlin’s newest attraction!