Thursday 29 June 2023

Annual Insider /Fat Tire BBQ 2023

What a wonderful evening we had, chillin' and grillin' with friends and colleagues. A big shout out to chief organiser, Grillmeister/King of Spatulas, and sports director for the evening, Mike Stack. We had perfect weather which at dusk brought out a swarm of June Bugs. Never heard of them before, now we're experts on them! Tempelhofer Feld - what a location. Get yourself down there. No other city center location can give you a horizon like on the photo above. For anyone unfamiliar with this location, here a snippet from Insider's CityGuide: 'This former airport is the coolest city park in the world. The Germans took a highly unusual step with this space after it stopped being used comercially - they left it alone. It is a massive 3.55Km², bigger even than Central Park. First used by the Knights Templar and later developed by the Nazis, this space was vital to the Allies in their bid to supply Berlin during the Cold War blockade of 1948-49. Now you can get fit, picnic, BBQ, and fly your kite where Orville Wright demonstrated flight back in 1909 - anything goes in this park!'