Thursday 13 August 2015

Olympic Village Day Tripping

one of the smaller cottage-like sleeping quarters
This past weekend I hopped on my bike and explored a place in Berlin that had been on my to-do-list for a long time, Olympic Village.  Located to the west of Berlin in the town of Elstal in the Brandenburg countryside lies this ruin.  Unlike Hitler's 1936 Olympic Stadium which has been renovated and is used regularly, Olympic Village is mostly un-touched aside from a few boarded up windows.  There are bits such as the indoor swimming hall which have been updated and host youth-group sport teams, but as you can see by these photos, the majority of the buildings sit in a state of decay.

House of the Nations canteen


Elstal was located in East Germany and the Olympic village was used by the Soviet Army.  A series of pre-fab buildings were added.  The army resided here until 1992 when they officially withdrawal from German soil.

housing, now without windows or doors, Soviet era I believe

more of a villa looking building on the premises

housing, Soviet?

another view of the House of Nations canteen

4,000 sportsmen slept and trained here.  Woman were not allowed.  The above building must be Soviet era though, the pre-fabricated plattenbau which is very commen throughout former East Berlin.

more information in German

and an interesting article from our friends at Slow Travel Berlin

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